CBN Monetary Policy

Obasanjo, CBN Monetary Policy Committee and now Emir Sanusi. Why are they now blaming the President for our current economic woes?

 Who recommended the President to manage a 21st century economy with all its complexities?

 What in his antecedents indicated he will do anything different from what he knows how to do?

 Even when all the statistics and indices pointed in a particular direction we ignored all the trends in our own display of the post truth syndrome.

 I just feel it is medicine after death. They all stood with Buhari to sell his candidacy to Nigerians and they need to stand with him now to clear the mess.

 They cannot extricate themselves. The chicken has come home to roost. If the President cannot borrow from foreign bodies he will have to borrow domestically. 

The Emir has only confirmed what we already knew but his revelation as per the scale is the big and worrisome news. 

Government revenue from oil receipts, taxes and duties is at perilously low levels. Which way forward Nigeria? 

We need solutions and those who helped get us here must stand with Buhari to get us out. Nothing else will do.

Written By Kayode Olagesin.
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