Why Don't Black People Like To Read

A preacher once said if you want to hide something from a black person, hide it in a book. I believe this.

 Most people are not current with what is happening in their environment.

When we switch on the television, we search for the best movies, on radio we search for the station that plays the latest music, in newspapers and magazines, the latest trends and online gossips.

Most black person have never opened a book or read an article, listen to the news or watch programmes on current affairs apart from when they were in full time education.

We need to update our minds on various aspects of life and be creative.

To acquire success , you must also be really ready to read a lot, whether online or books from successful authors.

Material things are not evidence to show wealth. Wealth will announce itself in you. Stop wasting precious time on social media. Do your  research and read more.

Please renew your mind to change your mindsets.

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