A Good Credit To Chelsea

The blues shine again.On top of the Premier League in this weekend over the sky of London. 

Great victory over Tottenham, London will stay with permanent blue colour up to the end of this tournament.

 A match that certainly had a fair share of drama. Especially in the first half.

Pedro's masterpiece equalizer landed just in time though and Chelsea reigned supreme in the second half. 

Last night they lost their goalless streak, but the positive side of losing a goalless streak against them was because they learnt that they can go behind to face a wonder strike, but still have the organization skill and experience to turn it around and still win a game, that is a true teamwork.

 Last night we saw a very good team, and manager tie up their two star strikers, we saw Kante for the first time being bullied off the ball by a big strong midfield duo, we also saw that when Kante was being over run Matic was there to assist, we saw Victor Mosses provide cover and when the ball was won back they were able to have the talent to hurt Tottenham on the break. 

Tottenham was fantastic last night against Chelsea. Their game played was the same as they played last season and I would love if they can keep to the same style, they can become the team to break Courtois' clean sheet record. 

Really they lost and ends their unbeaten run, but they lost to a big club by a small margin and not to small clubs by a big margin.

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