Mentorship With Tycoon

1. Once you reach a certain level, the odds are against you rising higher and there are more and more people standing in your way.

2. Personal branding is about you. Leadership is about you.

3. Companies brand themselves to create an image. We need to create a personal image for same reason, leads people to think of us. 

4. What we do now affects the future. What do you want people to think of when they remember you?

5. The strength of advocacy is in the brand.

6. A great brand has physical benefits, emotional benefits, brand identity and brand equity.

7. What makes a great brand - Staying power, brands connect with the consumers at an emotional level. Consistency - build credibility and trust, communicates to the target at every opportunity. 

Authenticity - be your true self.

8. Building your credibility - 1) if you mess up, own it 2) Be there for people 3) Be yourself 4) Be assertive

9. What makes a man is his word. If you say you'll do it, then get on and do it!

10. Authenticity and Consistency Test - Can 5 - 10 of your friends have the same testimony of you?

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