People will only do what they BELIEVE they are able to do.

It's our job as leaders to BELIEVE IN PEOPLE more than they believe in themselves.

All you need is UNWAVERING BELIEF.
I promise.

Some of you that are sitting there saying, "Yeah I've heard that one before".....

I guarantee YOU STILL DON'T GET IT because if you did you'd already be making $10,000+ a month.

You don't need faith. There are people already in your company making $10K, $25K, $50K+ a month. 

The first people that did it needed faith. Now all you need is BELIEF.


What comes first?

-BELIEF or the new car?
-BELIEF or the new house?
-BELIEF or the 5 star hotels?
-BELIEF or donating $100K to church?
-BELIEF or retiring mom and dad?
-BELIEF or paying off student loans?

You tell me..
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