Everyone Votes For Their Pocket

DON’T GET IT TWISTED, IN A DEMOCRACY, EVERYONE VOTES FOR THEIR POCKET! - I have always found it amusing that we all fight ourselves on who is the best candidate to be president, and convince ourselves that our choices, are based on the policies of our candidates, or what is best for America.

In reality, these are just things we tell ourselves to avoid facing the reality that our choices are based on how the candidate will affect our personal bottom line, our financial fortunes or personal beliefs. The country rarely comes first.

The truth is that is we tell ourselves our choices are based on what is best for our country, to justify our ‘objective; positions, when in reality we are all really voting for who would make our financial situation better. At the end of the day, the so-called democracy is about who can put more money in our pockets.

- THE POLITICAL ELITE WHO CONTROL GOVT CONTRRACTS AND HOW MU=ONEY IS SHARED in the country are voting against Trump because he threatens their financial influent in government.
- THOSE WHO LOVE WELFARE, AND FREE MEDICAL POLICY SUPPLEMENTED BY GOVT AND TAXATION ON OTHERS, are voting for Hilary becos she has promised to tax the rich, and use it to pay for programs for the poor.

- THE BUSINESSMEN, AND MOST OF THE RICH GUYS are mostly voting for trump regardless of his brashness, because he has promised to cut taxes, and thereby put more income in their pockets

- THE BLUE COLLAR WORKERS WITHOUT COLLEGE DEGREES, love Trump because he has promised to bring American jobs back from overseas (whatever that meant), and get rid of illegal aliens ‘alleging sucking up’ the low paying jobs in the country. This will put multiple the income in their pockets

- THE SPECIAL INTEREST LEECHES sucking up our govt pork, are against Trump becos he promised to blow up their racket, and stop special interest influence. So, they want to vote against him so they can keep making their money by influencing govt policies.

- Yes there are those in the church and conservatives who hate Hilary becos of her stance on abortion and gay marriage. This may not be a direct money benefit to them but they hate her becos her stance stands against their religious interests (direct benefit to them!)

Bottom line is that everyone votes their BEST INTERESTS, THEIR POCKETS AND THEIR FINANCIAL INTERESTS, regardless of what is best for America or whatever country is voting.
Of course, we all try to argue that what is best for us is the best for America. Right?

So come NOV 8th, regardless of all the arguments going on, when I step into the voting booth, I will be voting for the candidate most likely to make my financial condition and that of my family better.
I will vote for the candidate more aligned to my values.
And of course, I will come back and argue that my candidate is just what America needs. Right?

Guess what? After Nov 8th, none of these candidates, regardless of who wins, will come and put food on the table for me or you or our children. They would go to Washington and do what they always do: Take care of themselves, their families and special interests who gave them money to run while you are left hanging to whine and complain, and wait for another 4 years for the CHANGE that will never come, unless you hustle individually for yourself.
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