Art" Is A Very Wide And Lucrative One

The business and industry of "ART" is a very wide and lucrative one. Over the years the business of art has been termed as the industry that makes the whole world go round. Statistics has shown that no business or company be it Small, Medium or Large scale enterprise survive without infusing ART into their corporate brand. ART is a way of life. Art is fun ( Entertainment).

Photography and ART as a whole at its best, is a medium for story telling and emotion capturing. We are attuned to visual imagery and art related activities. Art evokes reaction and reflection, processing it quickly and deeply. Art helps in Brand development, brings unity and serves as a means of business communication. Art industry is very wide with untold values; yet very little art related professionals are celebrated. While some have clique, others are struggling to be known.

A critical look at the above named disparities, has prompted the birth of NAPBNET as a BODY converging all art professionals under a single umbrella. The platform gives opportunity to all Artist, be it concrete or abstract to express themselves and be celebrated. The birth of NAPBNET received a wide and warm reception at the official Luncheon at 2016 ART BOOTCAMP held at 4points Hotel by Sheraton Lekki-Lagos.

NAPBNET ( National Art and Photography Brand Network) will be the mother of all art related professional bodies that cuts across diverse areas of Artistry Expressions, Tribe, Languages, Foods, Culture and those that use ART as a means of brand promotion.

You have heard of AMA, AFRIMA, HEADIES, PMAN, AFCA and others;

And now this is NAPBNET with the vision to be the umbrella for all ART related professions and professional bodies.

Below are some Business Sectors/ ART professionals expected to be under this umbrella:

* Makeup Artists ( Theatrical, Glamour, Bridal, Corporate or Secular)
* Theater Practitioners
* Props and Set
* Fascinators
* Fashion Designers
* Sculptors
* Graphic Artists
* Journalists
* Furnitures
* Video/Film Editors
* Directors Of Photography/ Film Producers
*Script Writers
* Cobblers
* Fashion Designers
* Hair Stylists
* Paint Artists
* Musical Artistes
* Realtors
* Visual Animators
* Poets
* Orators
* Choreographers etc.

Do you belong to any of these sectors or others?
Would you like to be part of NAPBNET?
Or send "ADD ME" to 08095502925

The event would be held at EKO HOTEL AND SUITES.
Details would be available on the group platform.
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