Whether They Realize It Or Not

I have made up my mind to allow this government continue on the road they have chosen to travel without criticizing them, whether they realise it or not, they are headed for some sort of destination and will definitely arrive there.

I just need to ask those who still believe that PMB's integrity and anti corruption will improve our economy -
The following questions.

Why and how did top flight international businesses and rating agencies work in a "corrupt" GEJ administration, creating employment and expanding their businesses thereby projecting our economy to become one of the fastest growing economy in the world under a "corrupt" administration.

How come those same world class businesses and rating agencies can't trust an administration that prides itself as anti corruption government. They have relocated and can't trust this government with their resources. The rating agencies have even put out an advisory warning that you do business with this government at your own risk.

What then is the value of PMB's integrity?

What is the value of this government's fight against corruption?

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