Sinach And I Had A Great Time

Sinach and  I had a great time blessing God's people yesterday night in New York. 

I shared about the covenant power of Praise and narrated a story of my trip to South Africa as a 15 years old boy. 

I had been invited by the Prime Minister with a note verbal so I didn't need a visa. 

The Airport Manager Hans Human didn't believe my letter was genuine so he was going to deport me. 

Right there, alone without any chaperone or adult, I began worshipping and praising. Suddenly he looked at me, collected the letter, called Swaziland and verified the letter.

 On confirmation, he instructed his PA to put me on the next flight to my destination, bought me lunch and gave me money. 

If I had missed that trip, my destiny could have been affected, as at Swaziland I was invited to New York, Italy and that was the beginning of my over 40 nation visit and global UN engagement today. 

The man dat was meant 2 deport me became my nanny, buying me food etc.
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