Peter Obi's Course Titled CST101 On Cost Savings

When he was Governor of Anambra State it was more of impeachment and court injunctions we heard from his state and not on matters trending today.

I have always had problems with the kind of leaders we have in Nigeria who sweet talked there ways to gain people heart and only end up becoming rulers.

For me, his speech was well articulated and strategically important to this present situation especially to business owners and all those we gave our mandate and even the ones who stole it to govern us. 

Our leaders are reckless in spending, looters and selfish. How can you turn a government house to your jamboree house killing one cow a day, i bet you some states house still do this. 

Creating unnecessary offices, using a convoy of about 30 cars, Sleeping on a bed of 50m(Ekiti). 

This is an eye opener to all of us to begin to ask more and more questions from the local government up to the federal level.
We shouldn't stop on just questioning but now is the time for us to be in the forefront of governance in this Nation if we truly want this Nation to be great again.

Sir Peter Obi thank you for the revelations but i just hope this is not a plan to gain presence.

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