Timely Notes

God give me a sign! That is what many believers say to God when they need to make a decision. But I have discovered, that many of them do not identify the sign when it eventually comes. 

What is the use of praying for a sign when you do not have the sensitivity required to see it when it comes? This is probably why many believers face unnecessary delay in life; they want a sign they do not know how to get.

It takes faith to get a sign. Just as you ask God for the things you need, you also ask Him for the sign you need.

For instance, when Abraham's servant went in search of a wife for Isaac, he told God the kind of sign he wanted. 

He stood by the well and prayed to God that the woman who would be married to Isaac should offer him water from the well.

 And that was exactly what happened. God uses signs mostly to deliver us from trouble; and that is why He would be willing to show us the signs we ask for. If you really need to make a decision, then do not just ask for a sign from God, describe the sign so that He can design it.
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