Think About This For A Moment

Listen! Anytime you're thinking about giving your prospect a feature about your opportunity, first ask yourself this simple, two-word question: Why would they care about that?  What does that mean to them specifically?

For example: "Our company is the best in the Network Marketing industry!" That's your opinion and it doesn't mean anything to them. It doesn't. Because everyone else thinks the same thing about their opportunity. This has no impact whatsoever on your prospect.

Until your prospect can see how a given feature brings value to them personally, it's just another vague statement that rolls off their back. Remember, your prospect doesn't care what you think about your opportunity.

Excellent communication skills is one every entrepreneur need to possess. When having a business conversation with a prospect, most entrepreneurs fail to slow down and listen. To succeed in the business world, you must develop the habits of a good listener.

Look up when you're speaking to someone. Don't bury your face in the computer. Make eye contact during conversation. Doing so makes your prospect know you're turned in to what they're saying.

Listen without interrupting. Let the prospect finish before offering an answer or an assessment.

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