Eunice Elisha, A Real Maryr Of Faith

Celebrating a REAL martyr of the Faith. They killed her for daring to proclaim Jesus is Lord early in the morning.

The truth is that the fundamentalists can kill all the Christians if they can, but it won't change the fact that JESUS IS INDEED LORD OF ALL. The facts of the supremacy of Christ are SELF EVIDENT and killig people in order to suppress it, or adpot a different truth, has not worked in over 2,000 years and it won't work now.

No amount of religion inspired murder can change that I celebrate this mother of 7 who paid the ultimate sacrifice for evangelism just like many martyrs in the past and my heart goes out to her husband and her 7 children who lost a truly devout mother and wife. May the Lord comfort them and continue to encourage and protect them.

It's a fact that I was indeed angry beyond words to hear the news, but on reflection after a few hours, I think I will now agree with the General Overseer of RCCG that even more important than ANGER, is the need to pray for the SALVATION of those depraved souls who thought killing anyone from a different religion is doing the will of their own God.

This prayer of salvation for their souls still should not prevent Christians for speaking out forcefully against the culture and atmosphere of persecution that made this tragic incident possible. Our leaders need to step up and demand more protection for adherents everywhere and hold the authorities accountable for every bloodshed of Christians even as we tearfully pray for their salvation.

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