Donald Trump delivers an economic policy

United states presidential election is just 71 days away from now,Donald Trump the repulican candidate delivers an economic policy address,detailing his economic plan at the detroit economic club,Trump said under the regulatory burden they have today “they cannot ever start a small business,and both sides of the political spectrum are turning up the heat. when i heard this comment i was a bit perplexed,I’ve yet to come across anyone who found today’s level of regulation impossible to manage. I decided to do a bit of digging and see just how bad the regulatory environment is for small business in modern America.And thing about Trump, and politicians in general is that there’s always a kernel of truth buried deep (and sometimes very deep) beneath the layers of hyperbole.A research site developed by The World Bank Group,, the U.S. ranks 49th out of 189 countries regarding how easy it is to start a new business. At first, I was surprised that the U.S. had such a low ranking.A whole USA where the entrepreneurial spirit runs.

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