Who Else Hates Network Marketing! By Seun 'Taddy' Fadipe

Back in 2009 – 2012 a lot of people lost their money investing in network marketing companies that sold forms.

You buy a form; try to sell it off, No one buys it off you and you get stuck.. With time the form gathers dust in your house and the story ends.

As time goes by the only thing that comes to people’s head when network marketing is mentioned is….”you will register, and you will not be able to convince more people to join”

But let me give you a little picture. And for you to get it clearly, let’s travel back to 2009.

Let us assume that two guys….Joe and Greg….buy that same form….about 7 forms

Joe takes his own form to 7 of his family members and 6 of his friends to buy.

Greg, on the other hand, goes on Facebook….buys an ad, blasts it to 3,678 people on Facebook, convinces about 80 of them to sign up, builds a relationship with them and then sends them to a squeeze page just to sell 7 of those forms.

All from the comfort of his room. Who is more likely going to succeed and sell off those 7 forms fast?
Well think about.

The problem is that we are still looking at network marketing from the 2009 perspective.

I have friends who rake in millions consistently on a daily basis, friends who have erected mansions, bought amazing cars from proceeds of network marketing.

And all they do is simply using 2017 leverages.

So what are these 2017 leverages?

I will be dropping all of them on your lap soon. I will show you how to set up a million Naira network marketing company that runs on auto-pilot

The marketing strategies to use…every single thing….just watch out for my posts on this platform.

Written By Seun 'Taddy' Fadipe 
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