The Fight Against Cancer Is One That Concerns Everyone Of Us" By Enwongo C. Cleopas

The fight against Cancer is one that concerns everyone of us. Right here in Akwa Ibom, the state branch of the Medical Women's Association of Nigeria (MWAN) is doing a great and an amazing advocacy, free monthly medical checkups and screening especially for Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer.. They have organized series of sensitization workshops and radical advocacy for the women in the state and we are seeing positive results.

I'n commemoration of World Cancer Day 2018, MWAN will be hosting all of us to the following events tomorrow;
1. A 3km walk and fitness session by 6am
2. The pink charity Ball by 5pm.

More information is on the flyer. Please don't miss this great event if you are in the state. Encourage your sisters, daughters, mothers friends, husbands, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, uncles, pastors, teachers, everybody to be a part of this. Nobody has to die of cancer. We should look out for each other.

Importantly, you can also donate to this great cause by material donations and of course money donations.
1. Your money will go towards the monthly free cancer screening for women.
2.It will go towards keeping the Well Woman Clinic open for women to access free health checkups.
3. It will help indigent cancer patients to access cancer care.
4. Your donations will make sure more women are educated and made aware of the fight against Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer.

Let's all be a part of this.
Thank you very much and have a beautiful weekend.
#WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan
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