The Last Traces Of Homo Habilis! By Joy Isi Bewaji

We will complain about fuel scarcity. But come April/August/December next year, fuel queues and needless scarcity will happen again, and we will still be here complaining.

We will take pictures and videos of Arik and how it left us air-less on the ground, waiting for hours for a flight that will never take off. Year in, year out the same damn thing, with Nigerians acting all surprised and shocked at something that is beyond shock because it has become our story consistently, yet we still have the luxury of being horrified. Always startled by the same thing.

SARS will arrest you and your brother. You willl come and tell us a familiar story as if it is any different from what happened 24 hours ago to 2,000 people on Twitter.

Fire will raze a house down, and we will still be "utterly startled" that Nigerian Fire Service arrived three hours late with no water or hose.

A relative will run to her social media page to tell us how she lost her sister to "careless nurses" at some Nigerian teaching hospital with no health facilities, and the post will gather 5,000 cry emoticons and 6,000 comments condemning an act we have been condemning for 35 years!
What else?

A freshman will enter one of Nigerian
"Prestigious universities" and post pictures from the back of his window with nylons of shit, hostels begging for some paint, classes with no windows, wells with no water...

And we will be here again to shake our heads and speak highfalutin jargon about situations that are common in this jungle; predicaments that consistently define who we are still leave us shaking our heads like agama lizards.

Nigerians, always acting shocked at their own constant failing.

At some point we have to ask ourselves if we are truly homo sapiens. Are we really part of the "wise ones" in a time that records fascinating science and technology? Are we truly part of an evolving world with superior knowledge when we can't fix our roads, our healthcare, our schools, our transport system, our electricity, our institutions.

Perhaps we arehabilis or something extinct.
the last traces of homo
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