Come To WRITERS INC, Let's Talk About Your Movie Script' Says Joy Isi Bewaji!

Chioma Akpotha called me today, via Big Sam. And when I said "Hello, Chioma", she said...

"With the way everyone talks about you, I would think you'd have a big voice. Hear your tiny voice. I will like to work with you. I hope you are not too busy?"

Of course, you can't judge a woman's strength based on the timbre of her voice. Hehe hehe.

I was glad to tell her about WRITERS INC. Our office is in Lekki. We are going to have over 25 writers for a start, we will have branded pool cars, we will have constant electricity and all the necessary tools to make the best of our craft.

So no, I am not too busy to work with any celebrity or brand.

I am building a team of writers who will write Nollywood to greatness.

Come to WRITERS INC, let's talk about your movie script, TV series, speech, celebrity blog or book idea, over tea and biscuits.

We are almost ready.

February is almost here. The countdown begins.

Remember the name: WRITERS INC.

PS: Thank you, Chioma. It is such an honour to have you speak so highly of my work.
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