Women Are Insecure Because Their Worth Is Tied To How A Man Treats Them! By Joy Isi Bewaji

Women are insecure because their worth is tied to how a man treats them.

And because men are human beings and prone to error, women will always move around the edges of self-doubt, timidity and instability.

Women constantly have their hearts in their mouths ready to sink into depths of depression and uncertainty when their men cheat, change their minds, stop providing or walk away.

It is almost like playing the supporting role in a movie. There's no support without a lead character. And in reality that is dangerous. You have to exist as a Lead in your own life, your own movie.

Men are more secure and confident because their value is placed on things, and things don't necessarily change - if they do there are manuals on how to fix them. Things don't have emotions and walk away.

For a man its a car. A brand new car will drive you to work everyday. You are not going to find it sneaking into another man's garage.

For a man, happiness is a successful business. The relationship you have with a business isn't going to become violent.

The goal for the average woman is a man.

The goal for the average man is everything except a woman.

If we want to change the narrative and raise more secure women in future we should train the girl child to place more value on things they can control.

It's common sense really. If you can't control a human being, then your true value shouldn't be determined by the temperament of a human being, in this case a man.

It's ridiculous the length women take to keep a man. The dry fasting, the prayers, the vigil and constant visits to both pastors and herbalists.

Time you could use to acquire new skills.

Men are more focused, clearly more successful as they run and head most of the top 500 companies in the world because true value for man is placed on things and situations that can be controlled, not on the opposite sex.

A man is taught to shrug it off and walk away when things go bad with the opposite sex.

A woman is taught to stick around and carry the weight of the the problem. Then when you find women like us who react differently, we are considered...err, weird.

Women are messed up. You have no idea. It is never what they seem to be that they are. It's fear. It's timidity. It's thinking-what-people-will-say. It's hoping-my-man-behaves-himself. It's kabashing-against-side-chicks. It's hating you breasts, your ass, your weight...

It's a lot of things you cannot control.

And I am very proud that I am not one of you.

If it is too late for you to find your true value, just ensure you redeem your children.


That narrative will continue to breed emotionally decrepit women - worn, torn, abused by their own manipuations.

No matter how well they thrive at work, skill and life, it is never enough, except a man is in the picture. Some of them give up all of these for a man - even basic education.

Sad. Sad.
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