Mr. Sam has spent most of his life as a mobile tailor. 25 years in the business; riding a bicycle from street to street, ringing his bell, picking up clothes and materials, taking them home to stitch and making that journey back to the customers. Such hard work!

It is sad to know that for people who work so hard every day, they have so little to show for it. They work not to build a house or to buy shares in a company, but to put food on the table and to keep a roof over their heads. Mr. Sam should be preparing for retirement now, but what is he retiring to?

If Mr. Sam joins THE NETWORK BANK, he gets an opportunity to enjoy a financial boost without the tough grind. If Mr. Sam becomes a member of our community, he wouldn’t need to worry about healthcare and other troubling issues that come with life. Mr Sam can then retire into less work whilst making the kind of money he never thought was possible.

It’s a rebellion of sort, to ensure we break out of situations we believe we have very little control over.

THE NETWORK BANK is here to tell you that: you do have control over your situations.

If you join us today, then you’d understand that life shouldn’t be such a struggle with little rewards. We will connect you to almost everything you need.
Protect. Value. Empower.
Be a part of #ThePayBackProject on the 2nd of December, 2017
At the Civic Centre, V.I Lagos by 12p.m
Contact us: 0908-299-8648
#TheNetworkBank #ThePaybackProject 
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