The Breast And Cervical Cancer Screening Center! By Enwongo C. Cleopas

Valuable knowledge is being shared right now at the Breast and Cervical Cancer screening center and it is wonderful. The number of women showing up to learn about their body and overall health makes me happy. I can't explain this excitement. I'm seeing women from varying works of life and ages (very young women too) here. We just finished a very interactive class and we will be commencing the screening proper.
Education and information is powerful. For those of us in Uyo, We have access to this education and it comes with a free screening and my prayer is that every woman in this city and state avail themselves of this information and screening.

I am out to emphasis this cancer awareness for personal reasons. We don't have to keep losing family and especially friends to this scourge. We need everyone on board and aware.

If you're a married man, endeavor your wife knows her breast and cervix health. Take her to the screening centers. This concerns you too. If you have a loved one, a woman in your life, her health and overrall being should be your concern. Encourage your aunties, girlfriends, sisters, mothers and in-laws to take this seriously.

As a woman, asides being checked/examined by a medical professional or health worker, learn how to carry out your monthly self breast examination. You don't have to wait to see drastic changes before you take this serious. Start now.

We cannot be productive if our health is in shambles. We must be deliberate about our health. We don't also have to wait till 2018 to make our health a priority or a goal. Let's start this very moment. Until we (collectively) get our priorities right in this nation, it is up to you and I to do everything we can to help ourselves.
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