Chris Oyakhilome Private JET' How To Buy A Jet. What You Should Know. By Aroms Aigbehi

I didn't want to write about this. But I have to write about it now because lots of Chris people, over 200,000 of them have insulted me with languages that even juju worshippers in NIgeria don't use, talkless of Christians.

Gullible Nigerians believed Chris got a private Jet as a gift from America. Is it the same America I run businesses?

1. In the United State If your gift to a person surpass the $5.34 million limit, you (or your heirs) will have to pay up to 40% tax. You can give someone $14,000 per year and it won't affect your lifetime exemption (because gifts below the annual threshold are not considered .

2. Donation to a charitable organisation like a church can total $9,000 in charitable donations per year. more than that is not tax deductible.

3. The musicians who reportedly bought a private jet as gift for Chris do not earn enough money from their total income through tax fillings in the last few years to even buy a private jet.

4. Even if they did, the LAW of the United State does not allow them to collectively buy a Private Jet and gift it to someone without 40% tax payable over it. The worse case is.

5. To buy a Jet for someone you will have to earn the millions of USD first and pay 35% tax over it. Then when you give the Jet as gift to someone you will have to pay additional 40% tax over the gift as well.This is how civilized society works. So people who reportedly gave a private jet to Chris would have to pay 70% tax over the total gift.

6. Therefore a private jet of $20 million would cost the ghost donors 20 + 14 million = $34 million. If you are stupid enough to donate such money to a person in America you will get the IRS on your neck the next week for a complete audit.

7. You just don't walk to the Jet dealership like you are buying a Toyota to buy a Jet in the United State and dash someone. See below how most people buy their private jets. That is what Chris Oyakhilome and other pastors are doing from Nigeria too. Prove me wrong.

8. Finally, it can cost up to $4 million per year to run your own aircraft. That is about N1,400,000,000. For the illiterates who cannot count. It is N1.4 billion a year. The cost of running a Jet yearly can build FIVE modern hospitals yearly. In 8 years Chris would have built ONE modern hospital in each state of the federation just for what it cost to run one Jet and he has MORE.

9. If it is true that Chris got a Jet for free then it is even more disgusting because the US government would have received 70% of the value of the jet as tax. That money could be used to build facilities for the poor. Shame to all pastors doing this. Please don't lie to me. I am too smart for that.

Watch your comment now. All insulting people will be banned from commenting on my posts.
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