How Do You Sleep Owing Workers? - President Buhari To Governors! By Ken Tadaferua

Good question. Let's start from lack of conscience, proceed to unbridled greed, turn left at the intersection of wickedness to the luxurious road to the damnation of hell.

For we ought also ask the question: How do we sleep with over 70% of citizens living below poverty line, millions of citizens without a meal a day, millions of citizens without healthcare, potable water and electric power? How do we sleep with millions of children out of school, roaming the streets, millions of our young without jobs, millions of our farmers eking out pauper lives?

How do they sleep? They sleep because to them, the poor are not human but mere cattle. The great majority of Nigerians do not exist as humans but as beasts of burden to be deprived and exploited. Like the donkey, they are entitled only to the luxury of the wild grass in the fields. To enslave another human being that is created by God Almighty, to subject another human being to the indignity of being unable to feed his family, pay his children's school fees, pay rent, treat family members who are ill etc is to be psychotic, without fear of God.

Indeed, how do we sleep when we keep sharing free loot in billions: Paris Club refund, Bailout funds, monthly allocations (every month for decades) to unproductive and villainous scoundrels, for whom the poor have no name. Unscrupulous rascals absolutely bereft of conscience for whom the life is: My PLJ is bigger than yours. Stupid men. Blind men. Deaf men. They hear not the mighty rumbles from the streets so they sleep until the inferno consumes and leaves the greed in burnt cinders. The serfs are not human but donkeys. So Mr President and their excellencies, the Governors, go ahead and sleep in your luxury without a care.
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