How Can Those Nigerian Yams Go To UK And Embarrass Us! By Mitterand Okorie

How can those Nigerian yams go to UK and embarrass us like that nau? After all that had been done for them? How ungrateful, those Audu Ogbe yams! All the feterlizers used on them, the vast stretch of lands and manpower they must have consumed, how could they just show up at the London ports black, rotten, and useless?

I hope the UK authorites do not provide any soft landing for them? They must not be cordoned off for destruction. They should not be incinerated. Those Audu's yams must be deported back to Nigeria to face questions.

They must be made to explain what happened. They were put in comfortable containers, not the fishing trawlers migrants hop onto from the coast of Libya to Lampedusa, no, we put them on comfortable cargo ships, and sent them off to represent us well.

We asked them to go forth and show the UK that we are now the new sheriff in town, and that the days of Ghana yams were truly on their way out.

And how did they repay us? They went there and turned up dead, rotten, and stanky!

They must be brought back to face the music. Operation Egwueke III must be summoned on their heads. They cannot just come and go and spoil o. But since they went there and spoil, we must tell them that Python eat rotten yams too.
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