At Some Point, When Nigerian Parents Are Tired Of Being Afraid, They Will Address The Issue Of Discipline By Teachers By Joy Isi Bewaji!

I don’t see how, in 2017, we still use the same methods of our time. Things have to change. It is the only way society evolves. I do not believe it is in the place of a teacher to Discipline my child by flogging or any physical punishment. I am the parent, that’s my job! Your job is to teach. Do your job and stop pouring your personal frustrations on children!!!

If at all our methods are right, would we have a society like this? THINK!

We are timid people. We are always afraid. Always looking for the loudest voice so we can hide behind it to air our little opinions. Nigerians never stand for anything. For people so rowdy and garrulous, we are terrified when it is time to address the things that truly matter. We waste too much of our time doing everything else except taking a stand.

Only in a country like Nigeria will you have your money in hand, waiting for a service and the service provider will address you with contempt and disdain as if you have committed a crime for patronizing them. It baffles me all the time.

Almost all service providers in Nigeria – from trying to deposit money in a bank, to queuing at a telecom office, to paying your monthly subscription at whatever satellite station, buying your groceries at super malls, getting your ice-cream or pizza, even the woman selling roasted plantain! Every damn place reeks of contempt!

Then schools – by God, SCHOOLS! The one place you can be sure to find decent human beings trained to accommodate the excesses of their clients – the parents, you find bloated egos walking around trying to match your rage. How can you match my rage as a parent of a school? I am mad every damn time they tell them to come with one colour of jeans to celebrate this-or-that… because I have to run to a store to spend N12k trying to get a t-shirt and jeans to meet that demand. I am mad when extracurricular comes with extra cost. I am mad, don’t you dare try to match my rage! I pay for education not Discipline. Leave your archaic methods, or have a spreadsheet where each parent can state if they want Nigerian method of Discipline or not. We should have a right to choose how we want teachers to treat our kids.

The last thing I want to see walking into a school with a school fees teller in my hand is to find my child kneeling for some clumsy reason! I am paying for my child to be treated in a way I do not appreciate! What kind of slavery is that? Why do we not address these things?

I know some parents like to see their kids flogged and physically assaulted all in the name of discipline; well, I don’t! I don’t see the point. 57 years of disciplining Nigerian children, those “children” have grown to be timid adults, so what’s the point. THINK!

The first time I moved schools was in nursery one when a class teacher was begging for money. When I tried to address it, another teacher was rude. So I picked my kids and never went back.

Nigerians will take anything. If you don’t know how bad it is, check your marriages and the shit you take – it is beneath how a rat should be treated, but you take it! And because you take it, you expect everyone to take it. Only in Nigeria (or amongst your African American cousins) do you find a society applauding a Tiwa Savage for returning to a marriage that was so shitty the leech of a man had to throw everybody into the gutter and attempt a fake plot to kill himself. Only in Nigeria!

But I deviate. It's just anytime I see their pictures, I remember that I still have a lot of work to do to ensure my daughters become nothing like that!

Protect your dignity. You are a human being, it is all you have.
I find insolence from authority to be bone-chilling; it’s like watching a serial killer.

I have told my kids that we are moving school. Ife cried because she thinks it’s too sudden. I agree, but change is never easy. Eventually, after a one-hour speech, she embraced it. She'll look back and be grateful that she has a mother like me. I am sure of that. Jolade took it very well.

The truth is what happened today is like asernic poisoning; you won’t die immediately; it will begin with a headache, drowsiness, diarrhea, and mental confusion, before it kills you. And that was what I was trying to explain to Ife. Yes, nobody will attack you or try to show obvious signs of bias… but there are many subtle indications that will display prejudice, yet be shrouded in Discipline.

There is no way any parent with half a teaspoon of Dignity will continue patronizing a school that displays such blatant lack of professionalism towards him/her.

You must always be aware of your power of CHOICE. You are never out of options. I know Nigerians are burdened with the “God dey” and “Wetin man go do” declarations. I am not one of you.

Apology was made, yes I accept the apology. But these are mere words that cannot erase venom and bitterness and also, the consciousness that you are a topic of discussion that is unhealthy.

The "Facebook woman". Seriously WTF!!!

Today had to happen. I believe strongly that it was orchestrated by God.
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