TIME Magazine Launched A Special Edition Project Known As #FIRSTS! By Enwongo C. Cleopas

On the 7th day of September, TIME magazine launched a special edition project known as #FIRSTS, a celebration of 46 women who are changing the world and shattering the glass ceilings in their various fields and corners.

But that's not just my excitement. I was already getting so much inspiration from their stories, etc. and then I came across an article highlighting the photography process of the entire project and to my greatest surprise, all the pictures and covers of this project was done with a phone, an iPhone specifically by a 28 year old Brazilian lady, Luisa Dorr, whose quality of work was discovered through her Instagram feed by the TIME's photography director. From September 2016 she was taken around the world to shoot portraits of the various women in this project just using her iPhone, natural lighting and using a reflector if necessary. Nothing more. 🙆🙆

I had to carefully go through all the pictures and covers again and all I saw was Excellence. My God! Reading through that article, two things came to my heart. 1. What is in your hands is more than enough. 2. Start with what you have. These words may sound cliché but I have tested them over and over and it is the truth.

Now, I badly want a killer camera or the latest iPhone or some bad-ass phone out there (😊) but I've also learnt that while waiting or planning for something bigger, the seemingly 'small' thing in my hand is useful and perfect for what I want to do. I did not want to write a long sermon but I can't help it and this is more like a letter to myself. What is in my hands is more than enough for me to begin. I will start with what I have.
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