You know, I was trudging this sunny morning on the sands of friendship by the wide arcing beach of the foaming ocean called life. You pick a grain of sand or a smooth pebble or even handfuls. You might even build castles with them, moulding with care, even with artistic intimacy. Then you love the castle. Sometimes it isn't as pretty, so you kick it, rebuild it, love it.

One large foamy wave of the ocean crests angrily and sweeps in massive rage towards you. You flee. You return. The grains and pebbles and the castle are gone. For ever. The ocean is motion inexorable. One day it will claim you too.

But it also creates new shorelines, new islands, from where castles and pebbles and grains of sand are again washed away into its ravenously cavernous maw. One day it will claim you too.

For you and I, allofus, are grains of sands and pebbles on the wide arcing beach of the ocean called life. 

The sands of friendship with which castles of relationships are moulded will disappear too, someday, into the ravenously cavernous maw of the ocean called life.
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