Sharapova na Russian tennis player. Her biggest palava for dis world na Serena Williams. As Serena dey take care of her new pikin and dey ready for her wedding with her boo, Alexis Ohanian, some of di yarn for inside Sharapova book don come out for internet.

She call di book Unstoppable, and inside am she talk say Serena get “thick arms and thick legs”. Wetin she mean be say, Serena too strong, almost be like man, so therefore, dem nor suppose expect her (Sharapova) to win dis man or beast.

Which kain opata yarn be dis?! E nor make one kobo sense. Sharapova suppose cover her face with shame. E be like say na Serena full her brain! Woman like you wey don beat you plenty times sotay nobody fit remember if you don ever win am before. 

Wetin remain na to body shame Serena. Because on top anything wey concern Serena, you be loser, you need to look for reason why you be loser. So di best excuse na to drag Serena inside your olodo head.

Di fact say she call di book Unstoppable sef na di first yawa be dat. Sharapova dey very stoppable, and Serena don stop am plenty times.

Oyinbo dey call am “obsession”. Yes, Maria Sharapova dey very obsessed with Serena.

Kai. She nor try at all. You go dey alright las las, you hear?

Our advice to Sharapova… just sharrap!
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