Festus Alu Wrote: You Have One Life, One Chance!

You die, animals die too, you have blood, they do too 😉 You have sex, they do too 😉 You think and Reason! So do they! You get pregnant, so do they🙂You have emotions, they do too! You give birth, so do they! You take medicine.

So do they. You bleed, they bleed also! You have feelings, so do they🙂 You can die through accidents, poison or any tragedy, so can they! You need food to stay alive, so do they😃 But, somehow, you think when you die, there is a place waiting for you, because you think you are special than them?😃

You create ideologies to make you feel better and special 😉 ( Body, Soul, Spirit and life after death nonsense ) 😃 to console your illusive fears. Your ambuigities will disappear and you will start to see the life for what it really is, after you recieve my Slap 😃Simple common sense and reality of life will visit you and all the nonsense indoctrinations 😃 of fear and afterlife will disappear 😃

You have one life, one chance! When you are gone, you are gone! You don't know what happens, because you are gone! Face that Reality of Life 
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