In fact, Faith Without Hustle is an EMPTY Faith! Sure, Night Vigils are good. Anointing Services are good and Deliverance Services are even better (If truth be told, many of us, including myself, really need deliverance from one thing or the other!). But I assure YOU, until you get off your lazy butt and start working out your faith, you will still be as poor next year, as you were last year.

The real sad thing is many of these 'do-nothing-to-show-your-faith' Christians then turn around and blame their Pastors! How retarded is that? Your pastor has PRAYED as it was his or her duty. Now, you need to get off your knees and go actualize the prophesy on your life!? Or is your pastor supposed to come and pick you in your house to go attend training?, or to go set up your page to collect money online,? or to go create that product people will pay for? Or is your pastor supposed to go complete applications for you at places like jobberman if it’s a job you want?

Since when did your pastor become your financial coach and work assistant or messenger? Olodo like you, GET OFF YOUR KNEES AND START HUSTLING JOOR!

Sure, your pastor may own a fleet of jets or drives a Hummer or flies first class. So? what is he or she supposed to drive or fly? HE OR SHE IS DOING THE WORK THAT WILL ACTUALIZE HIS OR HER DREAMS! How does YOUR Pastor's private jet or Z-class car affect your responsibility to go work on your dreams? hen?

Let’s leave theory and go personal with some examples. For instance, how does Bishop Oyedepo's Private jets become an excuse for your poverty (I am pretty sure you probably dont even tithe to begin with!)?. Say what you like, this Man of God is one of the few pastors who ALWAYS TALK about money all the time (maybe because he knew thats whats missing in the lives of over 80% of Christians he has seen!), and why you need to get some and why you are even mandated by God to get some to show the glory of God in your own life. He then backs up his messages on prosperity with serious empowerment sessions, and brings lots of financial empowerers and Wealth Apostles to his church. I know this because I used to accompany Dr Myles Munroe to that church all the way from USA, and i know Bishop wasn't playing about trying to help YOU make money. DID YOU DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT? Instead, you look at his own prosperity and then blame him for your poverty? really? how retarded is that?

Don't get your faith twisted dear. Only those who got off their knees after prayers and prophesies on their lives, and then got to work hard on what they were believing God for, qualifies for Divine Intervention. It’s got nothing to do with the Pastor who has already done his part by praying for you! Anything else is witch-craft. God will be an unfair God if He just decided to bless you because you prayed! Essentially, God will be saying those working hard are stupid (even Adam was given WORK first to do before He gave him a wife!)

Remember, the Woman with issue of blood did not just run into miracle - She went EVERYWHERE FIRST. SHE SPENT EVERYTHING SHE HAD PURSUING THE SOLUTION TO HER PROBLEM BEFORE SHE 'HEARD ABOUT JESUS'.

Those who got the miracle of fish and loaves did not get any miracle until they put their faith to the test by giving the little fish they had to Jesus in faith that he would make something happen. how exactly are YOU proving your faith? Its not just by speaking in tongues everywhere, and disturbing your neighbors with your every day night vigil asking God to OPEN THE WAY to your financial breakthrough jooor! Olodo....The WAY to your financial solution is ALREADY OPEN ... You just need to get your lazy praying ass through the door and pick it up!

FACT: You dont 'run' into a solution until you hustle like a Mofo (apologies to Chad Nicely)

I have been preaching this since i can remember, yet I still have lots of Christian friends who don't seem to get it.

- There are so broke that poor people call broke, but they can’t find time to attend empowerment workshops or do anything with countless trainings they got. They are believing God to become millionaires in dollars, but when you send them even a recorded video to watch in their spare time, they give you excuses of 'Nepa' or 'work' or 'church event' or 'they are fasting' as the reason have not watched it or taken action on the training.

- It always amuses me that the poorest guys in church are the ones who always got upset first anytime their pastor preaches about money, or brings an Apostle of Wealth to come and teach about them how to make money. How can you attract money when you resent it? How can you know how to make it if someone didn’t come and teach you? Olodo the lot of you!

- When you even offer to partner with some of them, and do it with them and help them get some money rolling in, but they quarrel with you that you want too much percentage share, of money that has not even been made yet, though you are the one with the idea, and you are the one doing most of the intellectual work, and the one showing them how to do it. How retarded is that?

Bottom-line, no good thing comes without hustle... and i am not just talking about money. I am talking about losing weight. I am talking about getting healthy. I am talking about marital relationships; and I am talking about inter-personal interactions. You believe... and then you go do it!
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