Dear Nigerian! By Obinna Aligwekwe

When next you want to pray against war, be sure to pray against the situation that breeds resentment, because war mongers come and go, resentment will always remain.

A prayer to learn how to bake bread will always be deeper than a prayer for bread for breakfast, because the former is guaranteed to protect against future hunger.

MOSOP, MEND and AVENGERS are just various manifestations of the same resentment.

MASSOB and IPOB are manifestations of the same resentment.

Maitastsine, Boko Haram and Ansaru are manifestations of the same resentment.

Telling people to lead from the war front is being clever by half.

By now you ought to know that there will always be people to fill the vacuum no matter what.
As for those sharing Ekweremadu's write-up like it has become gospel, I hope you guys know it was not written today.

You all simply refused to listen.

Tomorrow when the dust dies down your same sorry selves will start asking WHAT DOES THIS RESTRUCTURING MEAN?

You allow your ego massaging to take over simply because you do not want to lose the argument.

Then you stick to your grounds and keep frustrating the whole process until another demagogue rises.

I will keep reminding you.
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