Buhari: President & Oil Minister! By Ken Tadaferua

I wrote the view below, two years ago, today. It stands still. Read and ponder:

Buhari: President & Oil Minister.
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Oil will be death of this country. So blinded by easy oil money, everyone from President to court clerks just want to be directly in control of the proverbial hen that lays the golden egg. It tells straightway, the primary focus of the president. But that is our tragedy.

The precedence was set by Obasanjo and Nigeria is the worse for it. I think the ministerial portfolio Buhari ought to have added to his apparently "non tasking" job as president is Wealth Creation & Poverty Alleviation.

Over 80 percent of Nigerians are dirt poor. We need vision and strategies to boost the capacity of the millions of the unemployed and poor to earn a living. Oil revenues, even if grossed into the federation account without leakages will not lift this country.

It is the energies of the people: the farmers, traders, market woman, SMEs, manufacturers etc that can lift Nigeria. Their long stunted entrepreneurship, if watered, would unleash huge harvests.

Buhari should think again. On this matter, Obasanjo is not good company. History proves it abundantly.
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