This Is Why We Cannot Have Any Sensible Engagement In Nigeria! By joy isi bewaji

Look at this one now - an OAP whom you would expect to have sense. Someone who has OAP-ed for more than a decade. Her best analysis of the flood drowning people's property in Lekki, and white men going on a kayak trip around Victoria Island, is to start this disgraceful mind-numbing comparison of The Island vs. The Mainland.
She represents Press. These are people who should speak or write to condemn government's lack of interest and lack of urban sophistication in the state. But for bants, let's just make this about Mainland complex.
How daft.
I can never understand these things. This idea of I-am-better-than-my-neighbour that we enable from our generator to our cars to our shoes to our fake hair to where we live and where we go on vacation.
You are a Nigerian, everywhere you turn is underdevelopment.
What is wrong with us?
Nothing makes you superior in a country where you provide your own drinkable water and where you have no control over what rain does to your property. It doesn't matter where you live. You are inferior regardless.
This is like gorillas fighting in the zoo, when there's an entire wild to explore.
From Mainland to Island, it's a dirty, ugly, underdeveloped, unsophisticated story. So what are we gloating about? That we can wear Louboutin regardless of the flood OR we can afford to replace the disaster of the flood on our furniture faster than the next man?
There's no flood where I live... but there's no light, no water, the roads have gullies, the town could be better managed but it is not. All the parks have been sold and money squandered by old men. It's the same story even in the richest parts of Banana Island.
So what does it matter if there isn't flood on the mainland and why should it ever deteriorate to a conversation about inferiority complex?
When are we going to properly ENGAGE one another for the purpose of making our country and living conditions better?
I'm tired
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