Activist Is On The Street Fighting For, Let's Say, Right Of Women To Use Palm Oil! By Joy Isi Bewaji

The Nigerian activist is on the street fighting for, let's say, Right of women to use palm  oil.

She poses with a placard, takes a short video, posts online with the caption...

"Look at us- fighting for your right to use palm oil. We even got the Minister of Ororo to speak to us..."

Then she ends her sermon thus:

"What else should we do?! Why are you on Facebook not supporting us? Why the hate for women who want to stand up for palm oil? Why the bitterness?! At least we are doing something! What have you done?"

The woman next to her with the biggest placard comes forward and starts her own rant:

"I see that they subbed me. I flew all the way from Antarctica to be at the rally... yet you are subbing me. May you not find palm oil to feed your children."

And together they head inbox to talk about people-who-did-not-support-us-when-we-were-on-the-street-fighting-to-protect-women-from-the-extinction-of-palm-oil.

This is, by far, the worst kind of narcissism, because it parades itself as philantrophic, as sacrificial. All it really wants is praise for self, constant adoration by all.

It's amusing how 99% of commendation is not enough, you need to find that one sceptic individual so you can cry a river and assume the position of a sufferer - someone afflicted with 1% scepticism.

Such wretched self esteem.

You skip all of that obsequious regard and you focus on the 1% who thinks you are quite the idiot (because you really are). You are constantly in search of a sub note stuck inside the anus of a roaming cow, you pursue the cow, pull the note out, and start to look for the person who kept it there. You leave all the fawning adoration of your goons, and head into the wilderness looking for your name under a pebble.

And you think you are not mad?

When you are ready for activism, you will face your front.
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