Why the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, will not indulge in triviality of Biafra! By Vivian Jonathan Iwuoha

After a recent redundancy check on crowd status and composition, it was discovered that the wailing and lamentation over Biafra prove to be echoing unsteadily in and from street corners, market places and village squares.

Abnormal psychology also explains phenonena when those who bemoan fate as 'victims of society,' seek to find meaning in life by spilling pent-up anger and transfering aggression back at society owing to a sense of insufficiency.

Where are those with value orientation, value judgement, value statement and value-added vibrancy of youth? Where are Nigeria's valued active population who are reputed for always backing up reasonable cause with fire of youth? They, the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, - did any one find students in sight, or as much as hear from Nigeria's budding thinkers?

NANS - synonymous with no-nonsense, they don't indulge in triviality!
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