Unsanitary Conditions Of Lagos Public Restrooms! Elliot Ovadje Reports

"I took time to visit some of the public toilets at the popular Arewa area of Ido, Lagos that caters to lorry drivers coming into Lagos from the Northern part of the country. 

The toilet is managed by a middle-aged man who is always busy fetching water into keg for the purposes of washing or clean-up after use and flushing. I noticed that public toilets around the Ido-Otto axis of Lagos lack sanitary equipment, some of them had no disinfectants. But the most worrisome is the attitude of the managers of these toilets.

 Most of them are not bothered about the sanitary conditions of the toilets but rather more interested in the money made everyday from users of these toilets.

"Speaking to one of the primary users of the public toilets at Arewa (a lorry driver) he said, he sees nothing wrong with the condition of the toilets, and that the facility was recently renovated by the drivers union. When I asked what type of renovation, he simply said "painting".
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