Nollywood Romantic movie! By Joy Isi Bewaji

Nollywood Romantic movie...
Man: Hey beautiful lady, why are you out here by 8pm? Where can I drop you?
Lady: I'm going to Mafoluku, sir.
Man: Eish! That's far from my area. But hop in let me give you a ride.
Lady: Thank you, sir. God bless you (slightly bends her knees three times)
She enters. He drives off.
Man: So what do you do for a living?
Lady: I'm looking for work, sir. You see, my mother is sick, sir. No money to train my younger brother, sir ('folds the edges of her dress continuously)
Man: Come to my office tomorrow. I think I can get you a good job at my company.
Lady: Your company?
Man: As the CEO of "Yakata and Bros", I can get you sorted.
Lady: Ah! Thank you, sir. God bless you, sir. God bless your company, sir. God bless your wife and your children, sir.
Man: Well, unfortunately, I am not married nor have children.
Lady: But you are a good man, sir. How come?
Man: ('sighs) I haven't met a decent lady yet.
Lady: ('nods pitifully) The God whom I serve will meet you at your point of need, sir.
Man: Stop with all the "sirs". My name is Emeka.
Now she starts to fold the edges of her dress into tiny bits of nonsense.
Man: Come on, don't be shy. Say my name.
Lady: E-m-e-k-a
Man: Good. Good. And what's your beautiful name?
Lady: Nkechi.
Man: Nice name. Where are you from. Let me guess: Abakaliki?
Lady: No. I am from Umuahia.
Man: Is it before the river or across the river?
Lady: Across.
Man: I am before the river. Before-and-across never used to marry. But I am a child of God, so it doesn't matter.
She bows her head, shyly.
Lady: I am stopping here, sir.
Man: OK. Take this one million naira. Buy yourself some sanitary towels because I am bloody in love with you.
Lady: Ha! All this for me? Chinekeeeeee, daluuuuuu!!!
Man: Don't worry. Don't worry. That's small change.
Lady: Ha! ('Looks up to heaven thanking God. Starts to sing an awfully annoying chorus)
Man: That's not all, a sports car will be waiting for you in my office when you resume.
Lady: Ha! ('starts to cry)
Man: Don't cry. Don't cry. C'mon, don't spoil my leather seat with happy tears. OK?
She nods.
Man: So when can I come and see your parents?
The End.
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