Nnamdi Kanu Understands The Intrinsic Relationship Between Nationhood And Civilization! By Ifa Dare

In one of his many interviews, Nnamdi Kanu asked his interviewer, among other things, basic "civilizational questions" about NGR: "what's NGR's national food? What's NGR's culture? What's NGR's moral philosophy and ethic? What's NGR's language?" It's obvious that Kanu understands the intrinsic relationship between nationhood and civilization, and there lies my profound respect for that man.

Again, NGR's fundamental problem is neither civilizational nor political. NGR's fundamental problem is the problem of nationhood.

 In other words, NGR is a colony and not a nation; therefore, it can never develop into a civilization. For NGR to develop into a civilization, it has to be either restructured along ethnolinguistic lines or balkanized into independent micro-states. 

This will allow each region or micro-state to function based on its language, culture, customary law, epistemology, philosophy and regional or national reality.

Kanu is not your enemy. Buhari and the clueless "one nation" brigade are your enemies.
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