Leave Story For Another Day! By Joy Isi Bewaji

The Nigerian mother will carry her child along to a friend's house and spend the entire visit, 4 hours long, bashing her Ex or husband.

Children will be hungry, but these women will sha believe their gist will feed the empty stomachs of their kids.

Then at 7pm after nodding heads, spitting saliva all over the couch, sighing, clenching fists, shaking legs, making the sign of the cross a hundred times, clapping hysterically, passing their hands over their heads, sometimes praying for fire to consume bad men and their side chicks, and other times crying...

They'll remember the children sitting close by like mannequins, ears full of shit they didn't need to hear... and they'd casually ask, "Una don dey hungry?"

No oh! We nor dey hungry. Your gist na food. Shior!
I cannot comprehend the need for women to have a gathering where they remind themselves of the sad fact that they dated douchebags and/or married to one.

That mistake is yours. It'll be good if you can accept that douchebag decision as your making. Come out better from it and knock yourself out with how well you can reinvent YOU, far from what you used to be.

Unless it is in a court of law and the judge expects you to say the story one hundred times... there's really no point making soup of the man who slept with the maid, gave her head and made you cook yam afterwards. Or the man you supported financially who finally married his secretary. Or the husband who...

You can fill in all the familiar stories.

I don't think there's any true successful woman who spends that much time thinking of the bad things she had to suffer in a relationship/marriage. Success, by default, makes it impossible for you to remain bitter, burdened or broken by past relationships.

Success is healing and moving forward to discover how much of a beauty you are.

You should look back with a huge relief and a strong desire to go shopping - just because you definitely dodged a bullet OR survived a hurricane.

When you can look back with a smile, knowing there's nothing in your past you need to return to...

Then you know you have achieved what most people will never have - a Life.

Now go and feed the children. Leave story for another day.
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