Hello Nollywood! By Joy Isi Bewaji

In a screenplay, when I write...

"A very hot dude walks in..."

Producers get confused. They think you're referring to Emeka Ike or one of these new cats with yellow face and eyes that run deeper than a well.

Other times, they think you are referring to the other one with square-shaped head and lips of pinkish ambitions.

No. No. No.

THIS, right here, is what "Very Hot" looks like.

Name: Kunle Remi
Job: Actor
My first encounter: Alter Ego.

A moment of silence for this very hot dude.

You will not understand my struggle as a scriptwriter. Sometimes I have to think of Ryan Guzman all the way in America to get inspired. It's hectic.

The last time, Mildred Okwo called to ask which actor I had in mind writing a particular script. Nobody came to mind.

A lot of them remind me of something as disastrous as Hushpuppi.

I miss that understated elegance and beauty of a man.

Everybody is loud and annoying these days; down to their fashion.

Kindly preserve our fantasies. Give us what the screenplay says.

Osheeeeey! 💃💃💃

PS: I don't know this actor personally. And if I see him at, say, the mall, I will walk by. If I had a chance to meet him, I will turn down the offer. Because some things should be left on the wall as a painting, lest you get disappointed on closer inspection.

Preserve your right to be mysterious.

"A very hot dude walks in..."

Signed: Scriptwriter,
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