Great Testimonies Are Only Possible After You Have Survived Great Trials! By Ope Banwo

DONT GET IT TWISTED! You CANNOT have a great Testimony Without First surviving a Great Test. Only in Nigeria do you See very 'religious' people praying to have a Great Testimony But they quickly Reject any possibility of going through Great Test. They want to pass a TEST without taking any TEST. How retarded is that?

Hello, Mr Tongue Talking, Heaven-Bound Christian but poor-as-a-church-rat on Earth brother/sister, BY DEFINITION, Great Testimonies are ONLY possible after you have survived great Trials!

So as you through night vigils all over the country tomorow to pray for great testimonies, get prepared for massive tribulations too....or just be a wise guy and JUST WORSHIP AND PRAISE GOD FOR HIS GOODNESS SO FA and then go home!

Yep! Or how can you testify of surviving a fatal car accident when you have not even entered a car OR Can you testify of victory over your accusers or persecutors without first being falsely accused or jailed without cause. ?

The Fearless Netpreneur & The Wealth Apostle says so!  

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