Epic rap battle At The Warrior Event In Raleigh! By Ope Banwo

It was indeed an epic rap battle at the Warrior Event in Raleigh! Imagine Armand Morin, a full blooded 'white guy' taking the rap battle to my home boy, an all American 'black-n-proud' Greg Cesar?.

Thank God for residual talents, Armand almost killed Greg on the Rap Floor! Under pressure, Greg rallied back in round 2 and Omar Martin didnt make them do a tied-breaker.

 Maybe in Orlando in August?

The Bad Boys surely brought it! It was the Most fun section of the Warrior Event in Raleigh.

Even Laura Casselman , Ceo of JVZoo was miming some Rap stuff behind me? I was like WTF! LOL. See more of the Raleigh Adventure on the next edition of Fearless Netpreneur Magazine!
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