The Dreamers Lounge! By Enwongo C. Cleopas

You all know I love to share my thoughts right? So I just finished watching Inside Africa, and today's focus was on this group of artists who gather in a space called, Centre for the Less Good Idea. Writers, poets, dancers, drummers etc come together and perform regularly with no rules or strict adherence to any form or art. It's really intriguing. And it made me appreciate Mr Dike Chukwumerije 's poetry performance event.‎

I love art, I love ART in all of it's form and one reason I did an exhibition last year was because I was tired of wishing I could attend one or waiting for someone to host one. I'm making that exhibition yearly. Whether for a crowd of ten or hundred or thousands, I am going to organise one yearly, maybe even twice a year or more. We have so much to share with the world and the plan is to die empty remember?‎

But my thoughts this morning is about creating a space called, 'The Dreamers Lounge', a space where young people gather from time to time to try their hands on painting, poetry, choreography, pottery, spoken word performances, singing, etc. We will even have a library and maybe collaborate with the Uyo Book club run by the amazing Mr Udemeobong Nnanna . I need a hall, just an empty hall. we will decorate it to suit us, a space where people come daily to give expression to their arts and soul. A not-so-big hall or a big hall. lol. Everything else will take care of itself.

Art saved my life. Art gave me hope. Painting gave me something to look forward to. Writing frees me. I'm still learning the ropes but writing liberates me. Drama was one of the best things I looked forward to. I know friends who find freedom through poetry etc. I have friends who find refuge and safety in dancing. It keeps them away from self-destructing. It gives them a reason to live and exist. They find purpose in these expressions. Imagine the possibilities if there is a place where we could gather daily or regularly to share, explore and breathe. Ahhhhh! God help me, this will become real, and very soon.

Do have a great week dear friends.‎
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