Restructuring Is The Change We Need In Nigeria! By Kayode Olagesin

You voted for change but don't want restructuring, please how will that change come about? You hate corruption but want to maintain status quo, how will we successfully fight corruption. 

You loath the legislators for 'fighting' Ministers on the budget for a share of the national cake for themselves and their constituents (hopefully) but see nothing wrong with the FG holding on to the lion share of our commonwealth whilst Local Governments have little to prosecute the most basic developmental projects that will benefit the ordinary man. 

You abuse your governor for not paying salaries but see nothing wrong in a feeding bottle federalism that made him complacent and impotent. How can we change a building without altering the structure except we merely want a cosmetic change?

Restructuring is the change we need in Nigeria. It is a matter of economic and political expediency. Our problem as a nation is that we do not diagnose a problem correctly and love to treat symptoms instead of the root cause of a disease. 

Even when faced with the reality of the shallowness of our argument, we still stubbornly refuse to see reason. With agitations left and right and states practically bankrupt, with the rape of the Nigerian state unabated, some people still think our problem is not structural but the people.

 That corruption is our biggest problem, I beg what gives rise to corruption if not a faulty structure and system?
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