Difference Between Old Time Church Service And Modern Time Church Service! By Evangelist E O Adiohwo

1. When the choristers of the old time finish singing,
the congregation burst into tears because they sang
down the glory, but in the modern, after the
Delilahs and Jezebels finish singing, the
congregation respond with a clap offering
returning Ichabod to Ichabod.

2. In the old, during message, the congregation
cry and tell God that they are
sorry, but today, as message is going on people
drop money, blow whistle and
shout "ride on pastor".

3. The old went to Church and the message
gave them faith but the modern went to
church and the message gave them fake.(olive
oil,handkerchief,apron,sticker,holy water,and
calendars of their G. O.)

4.The ancient carried their bible in booklet
because they were not ashamed of Jesus but
some today carry ipad to church because they
feel shy to be identified with Jesus and to
such, Jesus will be ashamed of you on the last

5. The old go to church with their hair covered
with their head ties but the modern cover their
hair with Brazillian weavon.

6. During prayers, the ancient close their eyes
and give God their whole attention but the
modern open their eyes,looking around like
armedrobbers and even answers calls during

7. The old dance godly dance to thanksgiving
and offering but the modern is not even afraid
to dance doro,awilo and azonto even before
the altar.

8. The ancients go to church with their body
covered and are focused on inner beauty but
the modern wears mini skirt,show
everything,and everything on her is artificial
and ends up looking like "mamiwota".

They are prone to falling at the slightest prayer because all she is
putting on has a demon attached to it.

9. In the old,sinners go home weeping but
today sinners go home rejoicing.

10. The ancients answer altar calls with tears rolling down their faces.
 The modern do the same chewing gum.

O Lord, revive your work. May revival precede the rapture.
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