You Are Better Dead Than Poor In A Third World Country

They bring a bag of rice to your sick bed - you, dying of hernia, begging for N250k for surgery (you've successful raised N55k after 9 weeks). They have their cameras ready. All of you - your sickness, your poverty, and their bag of rice captured in a selfie and sent to blogs.

It is better to be dead.

This kind of humiliation should be reserved for animals. Not even a lion, probably a dog. Bingo, digging into your bin for baby poop on diapers or for bone.
They own private jets, Swiss accounts, money stashed in Ikoyi houses, posh estates from London to Dubai. Their children attend top schools abroad, they own yachts and sleep in customised Louis Vuitton pajamas...

But they come to you, to empower you and your sons and brothers and cousins with wheelbarrows. After stealing "our" money!

They give you the authority to posper with a wheelbarrow. Then skip into their rolling work of fine art and zoom off.

It wouldn't be so appalling if they would just stop flaunting your poverty and throwing your lack in your face.
Give out these disgraceful wheelbarrows as tools for "youth empowerment" in silence and be ashamed. Don't patronise the poor.

They empower themselves with Apollo Arrow (the latest German machine). And they empower you with wheelbarrow.

You can't tell me nothing.

Death is more honourable than poverty in a third world society.

Written By Joy Isi Bewaji
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