Men Are Trash Is A Stupid Trend "It Mocks The True Intention It Is Designed To Achieve"

The best sex I had was with a man, of course. It was after work, we were dating, I was complaining about work stress, he booked a room in a hotel, bought massage oils, sent me a text. At the stroke of 5pm, I raced out of the office. Driving that car like James Bond all the way to the hotel.
That night, he massage my naked body. From top to bottom, I screamed, orgasmed... and asked for more. He obliged me.
No, he is NOT trash.
When I was stranded in New York (yes, yes, you know the story)... a man on Facebook sent me one thousand dollars.
He is NOT trash.
My boss is the best boss in the entire world. Not at anytime has he disrespected me or played the sexist card. He has never crossed the lines of professional conduct.
He is NOT trash.
I work with men in the office, who are efficient, smart and terribly kind.
They are NOT trash.
I have male friends who respect and adore me to bits.
NOT trash.
Heterosexual women are daily looking forward to romance and love and toe curling sex.
Right now, since I have a grip on my career and loving the returns, I have enough time to dream of love and proudly desire the "touch" of a man.
The man of my affection is NOT trash.
My brother is NOT trash.
As a matter of fact, I am not acquainted with any man who is scum or trash.
If your man is trash, stop being his trash bin.
You have a choice. When you choose to stay with trash, YOU become an enabler of trash.
That makes you trash too.
So... if you want to address Domestic Violence, then address it!
If you want to address rapists, irresponsible fathers, paedophiles etc, get the appropriate hashtags to run your cause.
It is stupid to group every single (black) man in your country into the actions of a few.
The boys who tried to rape girls from Falomo High School two weeks ago are trash...
Does that make your hardworking, smart and respectful 15 year old son trash too?
With a hashtag like this, you disregard the thousands of good men. Trash can be fixed. Get rid of that trash and stop spreading that awful smell from your backyard. Not everybody is putting up with trash.
#MenareTrash is a stupid trend. It mocks the true intention it is designed to achieve.
The men who support this are even more ridiculous. What do you think this kind of hashtag can possibly achieve on a larger scale?
Women, you will dream of a man's love tonight OR be in the arms of one. What do you want from him... if you already think of him as trash?
Hypocritical much?

Written By Joy Isi Bewaji
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