Let's Talk To Boys About Gender Construction, Peer Pressure And Youth Culture! "By Joy Isi Bewaji"

11 teenage boys have registered.
19 seats left.
This flier will eventually be updated as I plan to have two men of character and enterprise partner with me for the first edition.
Let's understand what goes through the mind of a teenage boy exposed to modern realities, amplified by technology.
Education is beyond the four walls of a school. And definitely beyond religious doctrines. These are the major institutions influencing our children. The rest of the time, they are left to their wiles and imagination.
When we say society can raise better men... what we mean is: We can teach young boys to unlearn some social stereotypes and gender construction impeding new knowledge, which will eventually form dutheir identities.
You can do something about the future. It takes information, sometimes, to reset destinies.
What kind of man do you want your son to become?
Register your teen son, brother, neighbour or friend. To register, send age, name and guardian's phone number to: joybewaji.blog@gmail.com
There'll be finger foods and soda, of course  

By Joy Isi Bewaji
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