Nobody Is Coming To Save You, Or Hand You Success, You've Got To go Earn It

🎯Once you come to the realization that your teachers, professors, coaches, family, & government are NOT going to go out there & do it for you it makes working hard a lot easier. Nobody is coming to save you, or hand you success, you've got to go earn it.

🔥You've got thousands of people protesting around the country like a bunch of mindless idiots when they should be figuring out how to experience financial increase. Marching up and down the streets or standing on corners with signs is not going to feed your family. Regardless of who's in office, they are NOT going to do squat for you or me.

🔥We need to operate with the mentality of IF IT'S TO BE IT'S UP TO ME. We are living in a time where it's never made more sense to start your own business & become an entrepren
eur. Even if you work a 9-5, go home & from 7-11 build something for yourself.

🔥We must stop operating with the old paradigm. It's broken, shattered, garbage. The 40/40/40 club to retirement has been retired.

🌹Stop listening to people who don't have the results you want. Just stop it. It makes 0 sense.

🌹Stop watching the news that's filled with propaganda, lies, negativity, & floods the subconscious mind with fear.

🌹Stop buying into the paradigm of the masses. Just because you have a degree does not mean you'll be successful. I have one. I believe in school. But student loan debt is #1 debt in America & most of our parents can't retire at 65, that's a problem. Working a 9-5 and only having one source of income is insanity in 2017.

Start flooding your mind with personal growth information. Read, listen, watch content that will force you to grow and think differently.

Start becoming more self-aware. Figure out what makes you happy and what you're good at. Focus on those 2 things. Remember, if you get good enough at something you'll find someone to pay you for your skill set.

Start telling yourself and feeling that your life is filled with health, wealth, love, happiness, growth, & abundance. We see and speak our reality. Change your thoughts and words & everything will change.

Written By Alex Morton
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