Jim Iyke: The Getaway Series

Lady: I'll like to be at the conference.

Jim Iyke: You'll be bored.
Lady: I want to be there to give you a standing ovation.
Jim Iyke: *smiles* You're not good for my ego.
Lady: How so?
Jim Iyke: My head is swelling.
Lady: I could make other parts of you swell.
Jim Iyke: Too early to end the night. Why don't you come to my room?
Lady: Hmm.
Jim Iyke: And if there's sex on the menu, I'll order.
- The Getaway series (on Fox Life).
Apart from the "my head is swelling" bad cliché... convo isn't bad at all.
And...err... I really like Jim Iyke 💅B

By Joy Isi Bewaji
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